Thanks to careful readers and reviewers some errors in text, tables or schemes and a few eventually misleading sentences have been detected in this book. Sorry for any inconveniences.

This corrigendum offers the chance for owners of "Mass Spectrometry - A Textbook" to upgrade their copy.

The corrigendum is supplied as a single PDF file comprising all corrected pages. Each page with an error is presented as a whole with the location of the changes marked. These marks are only visible on the screen and disappear in print. It should print exactly the same size and fonts as present in your bound book when printing without any adaptation to print margins. Purely typographic errors with no effect on the contents are not included.

Download corrigendum.pdf (654 kB).

The corrigendum document is in PDF file format. You need to have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader software for viewing and printing.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006