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This website offers problems and solutions corresponding to each chapter of "Mass Spectrometry - A Textbook 2nd edition". It is freely accessible for everyone. Please create a bookmark, if you are interested in learning about mass spectrometry, mass spectral interpretation, instrumentation, and the full range of ionization methods.

Scope of "Mass Spectrometry - A Textbook 2nd ed."

A highly successful textbook, acclaimed for its comprehensiveness, accuracy, and its many excellent illustrations and photographs now comes in its second edition - completely revised and substantially extended.
It provides in-depth explanations of concepts, methods, and techniques. Students and professionals alike are guided step-by-step from the basics to the successful application of mass spectrometry. Starting from the very principles of gas-phase ion chemistry, isotopic composition, and accurate mass, the author leads through the design of all types of mass analyzers and ionization methods to mass spectral interpretation and coupling techniques.
Overall, the book has been expanded by more than 200 pages. No chapter has remained untouched. Numerous passages have been rewritten to improve the clarity of explanations while keeping them short and concise. Care has been taken not only to explain how, but also to why things are done a certain way. Several schemes have been added to clarify interrelationships between different techniques.

cover of Mass Spectrometry - A Textbook 2nd
Publication 2011

Please note that there is an upcoming 3rd edition scheduled for June 2017.
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Other Editions of "Mass Spectrometry - A Textbook"

Upcoming 3rd Ed., June 2017 Deutsche Ausgabe Italian Edition

Mass Spectrometry - A Textbook 3rd edition

Mass Spectrometry - A Textbook
Gross, Jürgen H.
3rd edition, English
ca. 900 p., > 550 illustrations, hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-319-54397-0
eBook ISBN: 978-3-319-54398-7
Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg
Upcoming in 2017.

cover Massenspektrometrie ein Lehrbuch

Massenspektrometrie - Ein Lehrbuch
Gross, Jürgen H., übersetzt von Karin Beifuss, 824 S., 552 Abbildungen, gebunden, ISBN: 978-3-8274-2980-3
Springer Spektrum
Heidelberg, September 2012.

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deutschen Ausgabe

Spettrometria di Massa
Spettrometria di Massa
Italian translation of the 2nd edition
coordinated by Enrico Davoli and Claudio Medana,
778 p., 552 illustrations, soft cover,
ISBN: 9788879599078.
Publisher: EdiSES di Napoli, Napoli, IT, 2016.
1st Edition in English Edition for Chinese Market 1st Edition in Japanese
cover of MS Textbook 1st edition
Mass Spectrometry - A Textbook
Gross, Jürgen H.
536 p., 357 illustrations, hardcover.
ISBN: 3-540-40739-1
Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg
March, 2004.

The problems and solutions website supporting the 1st edition has fully be conserved for the benefit of thousands of readers.
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Mass Spectrometry - A Textbook, Reprint for China
Mass Spectrometry - A Textbook
Authorized reprint of 2nd edition in English for distribution in China,
ISBN 978-7-03-033296-7
published by Science Press: China Science Publishing & Media, 2012.

cover of Japanese MS Textbook

Japanese Translation
566 p., 357 illustrations, hardcover.
ISBN: 978-4-431-10016-4
Springer Tokyo, December 2007.
This publication has been transferred to Maruzen Publishing Company (1-9-18, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022, Japan) in 2012.

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