Concept of this Website

Mass Spectrometry Exercise Website

  • This website is presented as freely accessible add-on to “Mass Spectrometry – A Textbook”, 3rd edition.
  • The website is maintained by the book’s author.
  • It aims to provide a tool in mass spectrometric education by delivering exercises in a problems and solutions-format.
  • Tables and charts aiding in mass spectral interpretation are provided in the downloads section.
  • Instructors of mass spectrometry courses are invited to use figures and charts offered in the instructors’ section.

Good Reasons for a Mass Spectrometry Exercise Website

Both hardcover and equivalent ebook versions of “Mass Spectrometry – A Textbook”, 3rd edition, provide numerous examples to support the assimilation of the contents. Nonetheless, additional exercises for the reader are omitted from the book.
This mass spectrometry exercise website offers a wealth of complementary problems and solutions for practicing MS. Moreoever, the web-based format enables exercises to be added, improved or corrected as required.
Thus, the proven concept of supplying many exercisis in a web-based format is continued for the 3rd edition. Overall, there are more than 100 pages with exercises covering all 15 chapters of the book. Each of the problem pages is offering several questions and is linked to a dedicated answer page.
The websites correponding to the 1st edition of 2004  and the 2nd edition of 2011 are still operated and freely accessible as a service to readers of these previous editions (here you may enter 1st ed. website or enter 2nd ed. website).

Browsing the Excercises

  • The menu on the left yields direct access to all exercises.
  • Solutions are linked to the corresponding problem page only.
    In order to learn and understand effectively, please try yourself earnestly with the problem before having a look at the solution page.
  • Solutions are preferably presented in HTML format.
  • Nonetheless, solutions requiring larger spectra or schemes are better presented as separate documents in PDF format.

Have a good time learning mass spectrometry.