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General MS Links source for information about many analytical methods
Analytik-News provides news and links for the analytical lab MS educational resource by Andrew Guzzetta
NIST webbook; source of thermodynamic data etc.
Sci.techniques.mass-spec MS newsgroup
SpectroscopyNow by Wiley


IsoPro isotopic pattern calculator for PC
WWW-based isotopic pattern calculator by SIS
Periodic Table – WebElements

MS and Analytical Journals

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
European Journal of Mass Spectrometry
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry
Journal of Mass Spectrometry
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry
Mass Spectrometry
Mass Spectrometry Reviews
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry

MS Societies and Related Organizations

American Society for Mass Spectrometry, ASMS
Australian and New Zealand Society for Mass Spectrometry Inc., ANZSMS

Belgian Society for Mass Spectrometry, BSMS
Brazilian Society for Mass Spectrometry, BrMASS
British Mass Spectrometry Society, BMSS

Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry, CSMS
Chinese Mass Spectrometry Society, CMSS
Czech Society for Mass Spectrometry, CSMS

Danish Society for Mass Spectrometry, DSMS
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Massenspektrometrie, DGMS
Dutch Society for Mass Spectrometry, NVMS

Finish Society for Mass Spectrometry, FMSS
French Society for Mass Spectrometry, SFSM
Hong Kong Society for Mass Spectrometry, HKSMS

Indian Society for Mass Spectrometry, ISMAS
International Mass Spectrometry Foundation, IMSF
Irish Mass Spectrometry Society, IMSS
Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan, MSSJ
Norwegian Society for Mass Spectrometry, NSMS

Polish Mass Spectrometry Society, PTSM
Russian Mass Spectrometry Society, RSMS

Singapore Society for Mass Spectrometry, SSMS
South African Association for Mass Spectrometry, SAAMS
Spanish Society for Mass Spectrometry, SEEM
Swedish Mass Spectrometry Society, SMSS
Swiss Group for Mass Spectrometry, SGMS
Taiwan Society for Mass Spectrometry, TSMS

National Institute of Standards, NIST
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Stabile Isotope, ASI

Instrument Manufacturers and Supply

Agilent mass spectrometry, separation etc.
AMD Intectra mass spectrometers
Applied Biosystems mass spectrometers for bio-MS and more
BME, Bergmann Messgeräte Entwicklung TOF-MS
Bruker Daltonik GmbH mass spectrometers from bio to elemental
ETP electron multipliers
GenTech Scientific recycled mass spectrometers
GSG Analytical Instruments mass spectrometers and other analytical instruments

InProcessInstruments, IPI, gas analysis in industry and laboratory
Ionicon Analytik instruments for PTR-MS
IonSense DART ion sources for various instrument brands
JEOL USA mass spectrometers, NMR, ESCA, XPR, …
Kratos Analytical mass spectrometers and ESCA
Leco Instruments mass spectrometers and other analytical instruments
Linden CMS equipment for FI-, FD- and LIFDI-MS
MasCom Technologies instruments, service and repair, consumables

MassTech atmospheric pressure MALDI ion sources
MS Vision supply of second hand mass spectrometers and maintenance
New Objective, nanoESI supplies
Planet Orbitrap a website by Thermo Fisher Scientific about Orbitraps
Prosolia DESI interfaces
Scientific Instrument Services, SIS general supply
Shimadzu Deutschland
 mass spectrometers, GC, HPLC…
Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers and other instruments
Tofwerk time-of-flight instruments, IMS-TOF, custom TOF analyzers
Waters mass spectrometers and chromatographic equipment


Adixen (Alcatel) Vacuum Technology
Apiezon vacuum grease
Edwards Vacuum
Ilmvac Vacuum Technology, Ilmenau
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum
Nye Lubricants for high vacuum applications
Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology
Vacom GmbH vacuum technique and supply
World Wide Vacuum Page, a non-commercial info page